Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose ProScan Document Imaging?

Most forward-thinking businesses are making the switch to a digital document archive. ProScan Document Imaging is one of the UK’s leading document scanning and document management companies and we offer full, professionally managed scanning solutions.

We build upon our years of experience with a wide range of clients to make sure we are helping your business in the most effective way. We have a team of experts ready to discuss your scanning, printing or document storage needs.

ProScan Document Imaging uses a selection of highly specialised equipment to make sure your documents are captured digitally with accuracy and care. Our choices in approach, technology and procedures are carefully considered so you receive the best possible results.

What exactly is document scanning and why does my business need it?

Document scanning is the process of scanning text, drawings or photographs which contain information and converting them into digital format – for example PDFs, JPEGs or TIFFs. ProScan Document Imaging also uses OCR technology if required, which means your digital files can also be read as text. This makes for finding information in the future much easier.

Your business benefits from document scanning because it is a digital back up of your important information. Should any of your physical documents be damaged or lost, you can quickly and easily retrieve them.

What documents should my business scan?

Any important paperwork should be held in a digital format. We recommend that all of your office paperwork is scanned because it allows for higher security, better use of floor space, and improved internal organisation and filing.

The digitisation and encryption of documentation also ensures that you are following all data protection legislation including the GDPR.

How easy is it to find documents once you have scanned and stored or destroyed them?

Because ProScan Document Imaging manages its own user-friendly cloud service available for a small monthly premium, it’s no problem to find the information you’re looking for. Simply log into your account and you will be able to retrieve it.

When retrieving your files, you can search for them using the identification codes that you’ve specified that we use when we scanned your documents. Alternatively, ask us about using Optical Character Recognition on your documents when we’re capturing them – this outputs an embedded text file which you can search through when looking for specific information.

If we are storing your documents for you in our document storage facility, you can also request the original back very easily.

What else do you scan apart from business documents?

ProScan Document Imaging offers a competitive and quick turn-around photo scanning service with which you can bring old memories back to life and preserve them in a digital format. For businesses, we can scan your current and historic imagery for you so that they’re immediately retrievable in a digital format.

We also offer microfilm scanning, microfiche scanning and aperture scanning . Although contemporary use of these formats is very rare, companies, charities, schools, public sector organisations, libraries, and government departments often hold significant archives on them. Contact Proscan Document Imaging and we can scan them and digitise them for you.

If you are an engineer, designer or contractor, we offer same-day turnaround on our plan printing and plan photocopying . We have large form scanners which allow us to scan large documents (A0, A1, A2, A3) with ease.

What is the average cost of your digital scanning?

A typical document scanning project costs anywhere from 2-5 pence per page scanned. The price of your project will vary according to the quantity, type and complexity of the documents. Prior to scanning, we remove staples, tape, and other materials to ensure the highest quality scan – sometimes the condition of your documents may mean that we need to charge a small additional premium to get them ready for processing. For bound books, photographs, slides and other media please contact us for prices.

It is best to call us to get a quote for your specific needs.

Do you offer any other services to help my business?

Yes! ProScan Document Imaging is pleased to offer OwnCloud – a cloud storage platform that is hosted in UK data centres.

Cloud storage services are perfect for businesses who need remote access to their files especially in an era of greater remote working from home, on the move, and at clients’ premises.

How can I be sure my documents are safe with you?

ProScan Document Imaging takes the security of the materials we scan and store very seriously. All of our staff are DBS checked and security vetted prior to an offer of employment being made. Our premises are fire-protected and securely locked at all times.

We are certified to industry standards ISO9001:2015 for the provision of document scanning services. We are registered with the Data Protection Act of 1998. If required, we’re happy to sign non-disclosure agreements for extra peace of mind.

If you are using our document shredding service , we’ll present you with a certificate of destruction once the process is complete on request.

What is the biggest size of document you can scan?

We have scanners which accurately scan large format documents of up to 1020mm (40”) wide and virtually any length.

If your document is bigger than this, we can capture individual sections so that it can be joined together afterwards.

I want to scan a book – can you do this and will it be damaged?

We offer comprehensive book scanning services to individuals, businesses, and public sector organisations across the UK.

We have a dedicated book scanner which scans books intact without causing damage to the bindings. We recommend this method for historic or rare books or for books with great sentimental value.

Talk to us to find out what method will be best for you.

Do I need to keep the original document once it has been scanned?

This is entirely up to you. Our scanning service are carried out to conform precisely to the British Standard Institute BIP0008.

This means they are scanned in accordance to ensure ‘evidential weight and legal admissibility of information’ so that there is no requirement on you to keep the original copy. Let us know what you want us to do with the originals following the completion of the order – we can either deliver it back to you, we can securely destroy it, or we can store it at our secure facility at very reasonable cost.

If we are scanning photos, books, or items which hold sentimental value, we take the upmost care to look after them. We are, of course, able to return these items to you.

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