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Education Sector

Peter Symonds College, Winchester, UK

With 3,800 16-19 year old students from both the city of Winchester and beyond, Peter Symonds College is the largest publicly-funded sixth form college in the UK. They mainly teach A-Level courses to full time students but they also offer part-time courses for adult centres at a smaller, dedicated site.

“The college keeps many kinds of records on students, staff, financial transactions, etc. Many of these have to be stored safely for six years after they have been closed and this resulted in the storage of many hundreds of boxes of old paper records. This gave us many problems such as:

  • Valuable space being wasted.
  • Protecting paper records from physical damage by water, fire, etc.
  • Controlling access to certain staff.
  • Physical movement and destruction by secure shredding of old records that were no longer needed.
  • Making sure that records retrieved were replaced correctly.

“In the Spring of 2011 we wanted to redevelop an old out-building where most of our records were being stored. This would have meant relocating the records or trying to do the archiving in a more modern and manageable way. We decided to investigate the option of scanning the paper archives and invited several specialist document management services companies in to visit and discuss the options.

“We chose ProScan as they are a local company who seemed flexible, responsive and value for money. We ran a trial scan of a year’s worth of finance records and were very satisfied with the result. Since then we have had scanned some 800,000 sheets of paper covering seven years of student and financial records.

“ProScan collect the paper records, process them, return two CDs, and when we are satisfied with the results, they securely destroy the originals. We save the CDs in secure safes and make the records available in a managed and secure fashion to those staff who need and are allowed access.

“This system saves us many hours of searching for old files and has released the building which is now being redeveloped as two new teaching classrooms for the college. The success of this trial means that we now plan to extend the programme to include other paper records in the college. We shall be continuing to use ProScan for this as we have been extremely pleased with their friendly and efficient service.”

Charles Parish
Director of IT
November 2012

Life Sciences

Pall Corporation - what do they do?

Our client, the Pall Corporation, operates in the filtration, separation, and purification sector providing their clients in life sciences and wider industry with critical fluid management services.

What was the challenge?

As with many growing companies, Pall wanted to move to larger premises as their business was rapidly expanding. In their case, their new premises was the purpose built Centre of Excellence for their Life Sciences and Industrial Divisions at Harbourgate, Portsmouth.

They possessed several hundred boxes of legacy information on-site and off-site as well as vast quantities of documentation stored in filing cabinets around their original premises. In total, the company had an archive of over 1,000,000 paper documents.

Although their new premises were significantly larger, management took the decision that, when relocated, the company would devote far less floor space to document storage and that they should rid themselves of the ongoing fixed cost of off-site storage.

There were also major current logistical issues in finding particular archived and current documents when they were needed by a colleague. Their archive was secure, well-indexed, and well-kept however locating one or two documents among over one million would always be a time-consuming, frustrating, and inefficient process.

How did we help?

We were invited, along with a number of document management services companies, to devise a plan to image, digitise, and text-capture over 1,000,000 company documents.

Access to the information contained on the documents was important so, in our tender, we propose that, during document scanning, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program be run to capture the text. The format we recommended that a document be converted to was readable PDF.

With readable PDF, an embedded file containing the text of the document is added to the file meaning that colleagues could search both by document reference number and on the contents of the documents.

We also recommended that the document scanning process was undertaken department by department for better and more ordered indexing of the material we were scanning. We also suggested that, as part of our service if we were awarded the work, we would offer an on-demand document scanning option should any documents be required whilst offsite waiting to be scanned. This was important for users because they would still have access to important and relevant records during the digitisation project.
The client accepted our proposals and, in subsequent communications with them following the initial completion of the work, they reported to us that:

  • colleagues’ access to important company information was quicker and easier,
  • their reliance on internal document storage was much lower increasing available workspace and reducing the cost of paper storage, and
  • distribution and dissemination of documents between colleagues was much more flexible and responsive to the company’s operational requirements.

Financial Services microfilm scanning

Old Mutual Wealth, Southampton, UK what do they do?

Established in 2006 ProScan have become one the most respected document management and scanning companies in the south of England. ProScan combines its wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector to provide a comprehensive and highly secure scanning service to companies across the UK.

The Challenge

Old Mutual Wealth is a leader in flexible and tax-efficient long-term solutions through its clients’ and colleagues’ use of its innovative and purpose-built investment platform. The company is part of ReAssure, a leading closed book life insurance company in the UK with 4.3 million policies and c. £69 billion in assets under administration.

What was the challenge?

Established in 1845, Old Mutual Wealth has always invested heavily in accurate recordkeeping. Over the decades, the company’s archive of microfiche containing thousands of life and pension policies grew exponentially. The archive was in constant use as colleagues required information contained on the microfiche to deal with customer and regulator enquiries.

The archive was substantial in size. As a company which prides itself on its customer service, management were increasingly concerned about how long it took to locate and scan an individual microfiche among its collection and how that impaired efficient delivery of customer support.

In addition, the microfiches held the only copies in existence of clients’ life and pension policies and, if lost or damaged, the information stored on them was irretrievable.

Old Mutual Wealth’s management decided that the best way to protect their customers’ information and to provide quicker support to clients was a large scale digitisation project for which Proscan Document Imaging were invited to tend.

How did we help?

When we submitted our tender, we set out a plan for the digitisation of around 170,000 microfiche containing in excess of 10,000,000 pages of information. In collaboration with their team, we would index each file with the policy number and the name of the member then we cross-referenced each file against a list provided by Old Mutual Wealth.

In order to ensure accuracy, it would be necessary to take this painstaking and methodical approach so that the each policy could be identified quickly and accurately.

Following the award of the contract to Proscan Document Imaging, we scanned and indexed all the microfiches and archived them onto DVD. DVDs were sent once a week to Old Mutual Wealth’s imaging team who imported them into their existing document management system.

Manufacturing Sector

Merlo UK Ltd

Merlo UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the family-owned Merlo Group. From its manufacturing facilities located in North West Italy, Merlo produce a comprehensive range of telescopic handlers for the agricultural and construction markets, CINGO tracked carriers & TREEMME forestry tractors.With 3,800 16-19 year old students from both the city of Winchester and beyond, Peter Symonds College is the largest publicly-funded sixth form college in the UK. They mainly teach A-Level courses to full time students but they also offer part-time courses for adult centres at a smaller, dedicated site.

The company, based in Ringwood, Hampshire provides professional technical training, aftersales support and parts distribution service to its UK dealer network

The Challenge

Due to continued growth, Merlo were looking to expand their parts department to allow the storage of a wider range of spare parts. They decided to investigate the option of digitising their archive of machine files which would potentially free up an entire mezzanine floor allowing the space to be put to more productive use. Several specialist scanning companies were invited to visit the site and discuss options before submitting quotations for the scanning project.

The Solution 

ProScan were selected as the preferred supplier being a local company who seemed flexible, responsive and good value for money. Within a matter of days ProScan had attended site and carefully packed some 15,000 machine files into sturdy archive boxes. The documents were transported to their offices in Southampton where they were prepared, scanned and indexed. Images were returned on encrypted USBs and the original documents boxed back up and returned to go into long term storage.

The Result

 The new system saves many hours previously lost locating machine files which are now easily searchable in a digital archive. The mezzanine floor area which once housed the paper files has now been redeveloped as a new parts department. Merlo stated their intention to continue the relationship with ProScan by having their files scanned on an annual basis, commenting that they were extremely pleased with the friendly and efficient service.

Further case studies

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