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Generation after generation used to use film based cameras to capture treasured family memories, snapping away until the roll of film was full then sending the roll to the chemist for them to print out for inclusion into yet another photo album.

Now, that is all a distant memory. Most modern phones come with high resolution cameras and large memories which allow for the generation and storage of huge amounts of images and videos.

Film based cameras may be yesterdays technology, but how many boxes do you have sitting around your home full of photographs and memories which are slowly gathering dust? How long has that wedding album been stored under the bed or in the chest of drawers?

Thanks to modern scanning technology, it is possible to create high definition, high quality digital versions of all your old photographs.

ProScan Document Imaging has worked with thousands of families over the last 15 years and more to breathe life back into those forgotten and sometimes neglected images which captured the special, the funny, and sometimes the embarrassing moments of their lives!

When you send your old photos to us, we’ll scan them to the highest possible quality. When viewed on your digital devices, you’ll be able to use pinch and zoom on these photographs to see detail you’ve never seen before or detail you've forgotten which will bring the memories flooding back.

10 photos? 100 photos? 1,000 photos? – no job is too big or small. Just let us know how many photos, slides, and negatives you’d like us to convert.

Need bulk photo scanning for business? – please scroll down to find out about our volume discount service.

Please read more about our service below. If you’d like to speak with one of our team, please do call us on 023 8063 0050 or fill in our contact form here


black and white photos

stack of colour photos

Why convert slides, negatives, and photos to digital?

In addition to the memories and feelings that seeing your old photographs in the highest quality will evoke, there are many good reasons why you should seriously consider digitising your family history with ProScan Document Imaging.

Share 300dpi versions digitally

You can directly share 300dpi images with friends and family when you’re in their company, you could also share via WhatsApp or social media, the possibilities are endless. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV box, Roku box, or a Google Chromecast device, you can also display them in stunning and vivid colours on your high-definition television set.

Ask for 600dpi files for larger prints

When choosing which pictures to send to us, you may stumble across a handful of particularly precious memories which you decide you want to frame and hang on your wall.

If you do, specify which ones are particularly special and ask for a 600dpi scan. We can then use this higher resolution digital file to produce prints for you without a loss in clarity or quality (in most cases).

Better still, the ink and the paper used in photography printing is now much more advanced than the era in which the original photograph was taken. This means more evocative, faithful, and detailed reproductions of each image.

We can produce prints for you on regular photographic paper or for much larger prints we use 200gsm satin poster paper.

14 megapixel and 22 megapixel resolution for negatives and slides

For negative and slides, we convert these to digital on your behalf at either 14 or 22 megapixel resolution in order to ensure the highest quality reproduction.

Images of your life and the lives of your loved ones – protected and secure

Unless you have the negatives, the photographs you have now in your possession are likely to be the only visual records of these moments of your life and the lives of your loved ones. If they are lost, destroyed, or damaged, they cannot be retrieved.

Your digital files can be transferred to memory sticks, CDs, and DVDs so that you have a full archival back-up of your library of images. You can also store them on your desktop, your laptop, or your smart phone, as well as backing them up to the cloud for additional protection.

How does our service work?

Once you have decided which photographs, negatives, and slides you want us to scan and you’re happy to proceed based on the quote we’ve provided you with, please send them to us by post. We strongly recommend you choose a Recorded Delivery or a guaranteed next-day Special Delivery service.

When you pack them, please arrange your photographs, negatives, and slides into bundles of the same size pictures together, we’d appreciate that and it will help us turn around your order quicker.

You can also help us speed up the time it takes to process your order by removing any debris like Sellotape or Blu Tack as this may hold up the scanning process.

If you have mounted photos you want us to scan, this must be done on one of our specialist flatbed scanners. Scanning mounted photos takes longer and, as a result, a small premium is charged for this type of work.

Your order is overseen by an experienced operator who checks the quality of each photograph in real time as they go through our scanners. If a picture does not pass our internal quality control check, we will rescan it.

When we save the images, we will save them in the order you provided them to us in or in groups. If you want us to use folders when saving the images, please let us know what you want your folders to be called and which photos should be saved within those folders.

Bulk scanning for business and consumers

For businesses and individuals with 1,000 or more photos, slides, or negatives to scan, we offer special discounted rates. The more you send us, the cheaper each scan will be.

Please call us on 023 8063 0050 for an initial quote.

Slide scanning UK

You can scan slides from major brands including Fujichrome and Kodachrome with ProScan Document Imaging’s 35mm slide scanning service.

We offer 35mm slide scanning to digital formats including JPEG and TIFF at either 14 or 22 megapixel resolution for the highest quality digitisation of imagery.

Scanning a slide without the professional equipment required may not produce the results required. To find out more about our slide scanning service, please call us on 023 8063 0050.

slide scanning

High quality photo scanning service FAQ

We aim to offer the best photo scanning service in the UK in terms of price, turnaround, and quality. We’ve been preserving people’s memories since 2006 and we pride ourselves on our approachability, our professionalism, and our service levels.

How do I pay for my order?

As soon as your original photos, slides, and negatives have been scanned, we’ll know the exact cost. We’ll email you with that cost together with the information you need on how to make payment. Payment is made online via a debit or a credit card.

Once payment has been taken, we use a tracked courier service to send the originals back to you together with the CD, DVD, or memory stick containing your images.

If you prefer, you can download your images via a secure FTP or, alternatively, you can opt to pay for our cloud storage service.

If you’re based close to our offices, you’re very welcome to pick up the originals and make payment at the same time. Let us know what is better for you.

How long will it take to receive my digital copies?

We normally turn around jobs in as little as 2 days. If you need us to work faster, please let us know when you order from us.

Photo scanning service UK – do you do photo scanning near me?

Proscan Document Imaging is based in Southampton although we provide photo, negative, and slide scanning services to customers and business clients across the UK using our trusted courier including but not limited to:

  • Photo scanning service London
  • Photo scanning service Perth
  • Photo scanning service Edinburgh
  • Photo scanning service Glasgow
  • Photo scanning service Manchester
  • Photo scanning service Nottingham
  • Photo scanning service Bristol
  • Photo scanning service Milton Keynes
  • Photo scanning service Leeds
  • Photo scanning service Guildford
  • Photo scanning service in Dorset
  • Photo scanning service Newcastle

Can’t I just get this done on the High Street?

Some of Britain’s most popular photography, negative, and slide scanning services are offered by some of the UK’s best-known and most-respected retailers including:

* photo scanning service at Boots
* photo scanning service at Jessops
* photo scanning service at Tesco
* photo scanning service at Asda

Why choose us over brand names like these you already know and trust? Most retailers outsource their non-core services to third-party providers making a small commission on each job. In these cases, no-one at the retailer you choose has the experience to manage these jobs personally or to improve the production service because a contractor does the work for them.

When you work with ProScan Document Imaging, all we do is scan and reproduce photographs, slides, negatives, documentations, and more – that’s our core and only business. All of the staff working for us have been trained by the company to output clients’ work to the highest possible standards. We don’t send off your photographs, slides, or negatives to anyone else – we do all the work ourselves in-house on your behalf.

ISO Accreditation Icon Is ProScan Document Imaging accredited?

Proscan Document Imaging has been certified to ISO9001:2015 standard for quality management systems relating to the provision of document scanning. You can see our certificate to confirm this by clicking here.

Photo scanning service cost

Our photo scanning service prices are among the most competitive in the UK.

For an indicative quote, please complete the form below and tell us how many photographs, slides, and negatives you want us to scan. If you’re happy with the quote we provide, send a copy of it with your photographs, slides, and negatives to our Southampton HQ.

Photo scanning and slide scanning prices and quote

ProScan Document Imaging is an established, UK-based photo, negative, and slide scanning company working with individuals, companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK.

To find out more about our competitive photo scanning service, please call us on 023 8063 0050 or fill in our contact form.

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