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ProScan Document Imaging provides comprehensive photo scanning, digitising, and printing services. 

We work with individuals, businesses and other organisations, using the latest scanning technology to create high-definition, high quality digital versions of physical photographs and prints.

No job is too big or too small, we are happy to convert anything from a single photograph to many thousands, and our professional printing service allows old photos to be recreated at an exceptionally high quality for display in your home or workplace.

Please read more about our service below. If you’d like to speak with one of our team, please do call us on 023 8063 0050, or fill in our contact form . If you are ready to send your photos to us for scanning then please download and complete our order dispatch form .

What is photo scanning?

Photo scanning is a process that allows precise digital copies to be replicated from worn-out physical copies of photographs. Images are adjusted using advanced photo scanning software, bringing out new detail in old photos, and creating a permanent digital version that can be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

The resulting digital images are clear and high-resolution and can be viewed and enjoyed on any or all of your digital devices. They can be loaded onto a digital photo frame or used as a background image on your home or work PC, the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, the scans are so crisp they can be pinched and zoomed so that you can appreciate the finer details that would have been impossible to see on the original.

Order Form & Price List

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We accept photos in all formats for scanning

Sharing scanned photos with family

How does photo scanning work?

You Send

1.    Choose your photographs and get in touch for a digital scanning quote. Once you're ready, download and complete our order dispatch form and include it with your order.

2.    Check each photo and remove any debris such as tape or Blu Tack, and then arrange photos into bundles of the same size. Utilising these simple photo scanning tips aids the scanning process and allows us to get your photos scanned and sent quickly.

3.    We can scan mounted photos, but this does take longer as it requires a special flatbed scanner. For this reason, a small premium is charged for this type of scanning.

4.    You can send your photos to us via post, we recommend using a tracked service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or Hermes  to ensure that they reach us safely.

We Scan

1.    Our experienced operators check the quality of each and every photograph as they scan them, performing individual quality control checks throughout the scanning process. If a photograph is not deemed to have passed these checks, we rescan it until it does.

2.    We save each image cropped and rotated in a digital format, usually jpeg in either 300 or 600dpi. Upon completion, we will deliver the digitised images to you on a DVD, memory stick, or as a download from a secure FTP site or cloud platform.

Why use a photo scanning to digital service

The key benefits of ProScan’s professional photo scanning UK service include:

To prevent damage and deterioration to your photos

Paper photos can be accidentally torn, develop curled edges or even be damaged by fire or flood, potentially resulting in lost images which can never be recovered. Digitisation of physical photos creates a back-up copy that is safe from damage and can be printed and reprinted so that your treasured memories are forever safe. 

Photos are also prone to deterioration over the years, with images fading and colours shifting. A scanned photograph is preserved forever and can even be adjusted digitally to restore colours and remove superficial damage.

Once you have the digital version of your photo you can keep the originals in a safe place so that they are much less likely to fade or be damaged. We can supply you with the scanned files on a CD or a USB thumb drive and can even store it in “the cloud” for you for ultimate reassurance against loss.

You can share your photos with friends and family

We scan photos into 300dpi as standard, and these images can be shared directly with friends and family via WhatsApp or social media.

Larger images can be arranged on request, allowing you to enlarge your images for print purposes or for using in artwork. Digitised photos can also be displayed in high-definition on your television set if you have an Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV box, Roku box, or a Google Chromecast device.

You can create photo collections with ease

You can transfer digital photo files to memory sticks, CDs and DVDs, creating a full digital directory of your photo collection. This makes it simple to organise your photos into groups which can then be used for albums, events, and gifts. 

You can even tag people and add keywords  to digital photos, so that you can quickly bring up all images with a certain person in, or specific events and themes.

We can create prints from your scanned photos

Digital images are easy to share but we understand that many of our customers want their photos for display as well. 

Our comprehensive printing service takes your scanned images and creates high-quality prints for you on high grade 6 x 4 photographic paper, updating your old photos so that they look their best for display. 

We can also produce much larger prints, scanned and digitised in 600dpi, and printed onto 200gsm satin poster paper up to A0 poster size (841 x 1189 mm).

Photo scanning for business

For businesses with photo scanning bulk requirements (generally 1,000 or more photos), we are able to offer special, discounted rates. 

Whilst companies are unlikely to have the same requirements as individuals when it comes to protecting old photographs, there are still many reasons for a business to move their archives to a digital format.

Free up office space and storage

Old photos, prints and posters may be relatively small individually, but stacks of paper quickly add up to limited office space. 

Moving your entire photo and print collection to a digital medium ensures that they are all carefully preserved, without taking up valuable space in your workplace.

Protect important images from damage

Paper is fragile, and it is easy to misplace or damage physical copies of any image or document. Digital copies of these mitigate these risks and provide limitless access to your archive for as long as you need it.

Improve access to information

Digital photos and prints can be categorised, tagged, and accessed by any team member at any time, allowing you to share with clients and colleagues with just the click of a button.

Please call us on 023 8063 0050 to find out more about our wholesale discounts or for an initial quote.

Finding the best photo scanning service available online

There are many photo scanning services available online, but how do you find the best one? 

Here at ProScan we pride ourselves on the following areas in which we believe we excel and separate the best photo scanning services from the rest:

Professional expertise

Our specialist operators know how to use the latest technologies to meet your specific requirements. Not all scanners are suitable for all jobs, and some images require special attention to unlock the finest of details. 

ProScan has been working with photo scanning software since 2006, and our skilled operators ensure that expert attention is paid to each and every image.

Image quality

All images are calculated in dots per inch, or dpi. This influences the clarity, resolution, and overall quality of the image, meaning that the higher the dpi, the more professional your scanned photograph looks.

We scan images in 300dpi as standard and are able to scan up to 600dpi if you require a higher level of detail, or the ability to enlarge images for print.

Ease and speed

A reputable scanning company will be able to scan a large number of images to a high quality in a short space of time. 

At ProScan, we are able to turn around a photo scanning job in as little as 2 days, on state-of-the-art equipment that gets the very best out of each and every scan.

We take great care in ensuring accurate scanning results

All images are carefully checked during our quality control process

More information about our photo scanning service

As physical representations of your happiest memories, your photos are undoubtedly precious to you. It is likely that you will have some questions you need answered before you order.

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and answers. If your query is not covered here, feel free to call us on 023 8063 0050, or fill in our contact form here .

How do I pay for my order?

Once your original photos have been scanned and we know the exact cost, we will email you the total cost and information on how you can make a payment. You can make payment by bank transfer or using a credit or debit card.

On receipt of your payment, we use a tracked courier service to send your originals back to you, alongside the CD, DVD or memory stick containing your images. 

If you have chosen to download your images instead, then you will be able to do this via a secure FTP, or alternatively we also offer a paid for cloud storage service.

We are based in Southampton, so if you are local you are also welcome to come and pick up your originals and make payment at the same time.

When I order photo scanning online with Proscan how long will it take for delivery?

Whilst we make every effort to turn around jobs in as short a time as possible, this depends on the size of the order and any extra work that needs to be done. 

Busier times, such as Christmas, can mean that turnaround times are a little longer. However, we aim to have your images scanned within 1 week of receipt but it is often much quicker.

Is ProScan Document Imaging accredited?

Proscan Document Imaging has been certified to ISO9001:2015 standard for quality management systems relating to the provision of document scanning. 

Why should I choose ProScan over other photo scanning companies?

All ProScan Document Imaging does is scan, reproduce and print. That is our specialism, what we are passionate about, and what we are focused on. Whilst some big brands do offer photo scanning as one of their service, we are a dedicated photo scanning business who offer first class image reproduction on a professional scale.

Many bigger companies outsource their scanning services to a third-party contractor, meaning that they have little control over the process and final quality. 

We understand that some people prefer to work with names they recognise and trust, but we never pass your images on to anyone else and believe that the pride we take in our work is reflected in the quality. 

Whilst you may think “I need to find photo scanning near me ”, we think our photo scanning reviews speak for themselves!

Photo scanning cost

Our photo scanning prices are among the most competitive in the UK. The cost of your order will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How many photographs you need scanning
  • What resolution you want your digitised images to be scanned at
  • Whether you need the job turned around more quickly than our stated turnaround time

For an indicative quote, please complete the form below and tell us how many photographs you want us to scan. 

If you’re happy with the quote we provide, send a copy of it with your photographs, slides, and negatives to our Southampton HQ.

Photo scanning services near me

Proscan Document Imaging provide photo scanning services to customers and business clients across the UK. We serve the following areas and more from our Southampton office:

  • Photo scanning service Reading
  • Photo scanning service Southampton
  • Photo scanning service Portsmouth
  • Photo scanning service Brighton
  • Photo scanning service Guildford
  • Photo scanning service Basingstoke
  • Photo scanning service London
  • Photo scanning service Dorset
  • Photo scanning service West Sussex
  • Photo scanning service Surrey
  • Photo scanning service Berkshire
  • Photo scanning service Hampshire
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