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Business cloud storage – your documents backed-up and easily accessed from our UK-based database

Business cloud storage allows for secure online back-ups of your important data as well as giving users remote accessibility at any time or from any place.

ProScan Document Imaging offers OwnCloud, an enterprise class online file sharing and management system which allows your company and employees access to important files from any location.

The content you upload is synced across all devices, meaning you have instant access to the information. No more waiting for colleagues to send you what you need – everything uploaded to your OwnCloud is there to be accessed and edited instantly.

Whether you are uploading documents to be worked on by colleagues or saving client information, cloud storage offers instantly accessible and secure data storage that will help in the efficient running of your company.

Should you need to access documents across a range of devices, that’s no problem. Whether you are using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, the OwnCloud storage is safe – requiring a PIN and using 2048bit SSL encryption. Your work is automatically backed-up to our ISO-27001 certified datacentres which guarantee absolute data protection and confidentiality. We have a 60-day recovery system in place, so there is no stress if something is accidentally deleted.

OwnCloud is suitable for any small business looking to use cloud storage. Our service is monitored and supported 24/7, meaning you can rest assured there is always someone there to help, should you need it. We store your data in our UK datacentres which meet compliance requirements.

If you are looking for business cloud storage backup, or business cloud storage solutions, we would love to help you. We offer competitive rates which are bespoke to your requirements, whether you have 3 users or 300 – there are no minimum or maximum user number stipulations.

Centralise and safeguard your important data today with cloud storage from ProScan Document Imaging. We would love to discuss how we can help your business – simply give us a call on 023 8063 0050, or please fill in our contact form here.

The benefits of the cloud for business

Businesses large or small can all benefit from using the cloud. Seamlessly syncing between devices and users as well as allowing remote working, cloud storage is the secure answer to streamlining your working practices. Immediate access to any format of document means for no backwards and forwards with email attachments, simply click to open the file and amend as necessary.

Share and access data anywhere

One of the most significant positives of cloud storage is accessibility. Whether you are working in the office or remotely, you can upload and edit documents at any time. If you are working from home, you can have access to the relevant documents at the click of a button.

Even if you don’t have internet access, you can continue to work on your documents stored in the cloud, the changes you make will be automatically applied once you are connected back to the internet.

You no longer need to send multiple documents over email, reducing size or image quality to fit inbox restrictions. Simply upload to the cloud and it can be accessed at full capacity when required.

Designated access options mean data is shared only with those who have access. Files can be password protected and only available to the people of your choice.

Protection from hackers and hard drive failures

One of the biggest threats to businesses today is online hacking. Cloud storage offers encrypted protection against this, so your personal information and client details remain safe and secure.

Should your hard drive fail, it is essential you have back-up. Using the cloud means you no longer have to worry if your in-house database breaks down – or is physically destroyed in an event such as a fire. You may also choose to have your data on a hard drive, but the cloud can be your back-up.

Likewise, utilising business cloud storage means you don’t have to worry about break-ins at your premises should your data be targeted. As it is not saved on computers in your offices, your important information is inaccessible to criminal activity.

Reduced costings

Business cloud storage options saves your business money. Physical hardware storage is expensive and has big limitations. The cloud offers unlimited storage capacity which can easily be expanded when required at very competitive rates.

As cloud storage is continuously maintained, you don’t need to employ an I.T specialist to keep your data or platforms up to date – that is all managed by the cloud storage provider. Small businesses need to keep outgoings low – using cloud storage allows you to do that.

Your data is synced with all of the required updates by the provider, so you don’t need to trouble your staff to keep everything updated. Since cloud storage platforms do all of the programming and de-bugging for you, you can save valuable time and money which previously would have been spent on I.T maintenance.

Ease of use and increased company organisation

Technology can be difficult, and some colleagues can find keeping up-to-date with programs challenging. The best business cloud storage is user-friendly and intuitive to work with.

It makes uploading and editing documents simple, with a clear trail of who has edited it. It also allows for mistakes to happen – there is no need to panic if something is deleted – the cloud has the backup and it can still be accessed (often within a two-month timeframe).

Getting your administration up to date is a breeze, as small business cloud storage options allow for streamlining processes like payroll and accounts by having them all in one place. Our system allows for off-line working with instant auto-sync once you are back online – so it doesn’t even matter if you don’t always have an active internet connection, you can still get on with your work.

Members of the same team can instantly have access to the files required to complete their work. By organising project documents onto one platform, users can work on information simultaneously and see how their colleagues are doing, too.

Flexibility, scalability and security

Another benefit of using the cloud, including Microsoft business cloud storage, is that it is entirely flexible to suit the size of your business and storage needs. Whether you operate on Windows, iOS or Android, the cloud can work for you. In fact, it can even switch between operating systems – for example, data can be linked between an iPad and an Android phone effortlessly.

You only pay for what you require, which can easily be added to at a later date; likewise this can be scaled down if also needed. You pay on a monthly basis which is priced competitively and covers all maintenance, assistance and management of the data.

Cloud storage is the most secure type of digital storage as it is encrypted. By choosing a reputable cloud storage company you can be assured that your data is protected, kept confidential and backed-up at all times.

Introducing OwnCloud from ProScan Document Imaging

ProScan Document Imaging is pleased to offer OwnCloud as a solution to your cloud storage needs. Our expert team are based in England, which means our data storage is fully compliant with all UK laws and regulations.

We offer an all-inclusive platform which can be tailored to your business needs. Whether you require a full shift over to cloud-based storage or move over incrementally, we can work with you to design a cloud storage package suitable for your company.

Our team are always a phone call away, so you know you can count on us to help should you run into any problems.

Additional security for your critical business information

Our UK based business cloud file storage offers very high levels of security for your important information. Our service has 2048bit SSL encryption security as standard, so your data is kept secure and confidential at all times.

You have the ultimate control over who has access to the files. Sharing confidentially with clients is easy, as is working on documents with specific team members or remotely working colleagues. You can remove user access if and when required, as well as being able to see who has permission to the data at a glance.

We prevent accidental loss of data with our instant ‘undelete’ function – which works up to 60 days after your item has been deleted from the cloud.

Because we host our datacentres here in the UK, we are GDPR compliant. Some providers in the US or beyond are unable to meet these regulations. Ensure you are meeting your industry standards for use of cloud storage in business by working with ProScan Document Imaging.

Business cloud storage UK FAQ

Cloud storage brings many benefits to the companies using the service. We have put together some of the commonly asked FAQs for you to improve your understanding and see how cloud storage can benefit your business.

How does cloud storage actually work? Where is the data stored?

Cloud storage means data and files you upload to the cloud platform are stored on highly secure, remote systems in the provider’s facility. With our OwnCloud service, that’s right here in the UK.

As opposed to data being stored in your computer hard drive on your premises, we keep it on ours – which have much bigger and safer storage capacities. All you need to access it, is the internet and the correct log in and passwords.

How do I make sure my data is only accessible to the right person?

Whilst using small business cloud storage, you have the control over who has access to files and data. You also have the option to revoke this at any time, therefore stopping any unnecessary access to files.

Documents and data in the cloud can easily be password protected and are private, so you don’t need to worry about uninvited viewing of confidential data.

What if I need to expand or decrease the amount of storage I need? Does storage ever run out?

This is easily remedied. Simply inform ProScan Document Imaging of the issue and we will scale your package appropriately and amend your monthly usage costs.

One of the main benefits to cloud storage is that it is (virtually) unlimited. This means you never have to worry about the amount of data you have. The sky is the limit!

Are there any other key benefits to cloud storage?

We think cloud storage is an essential part of business today. Alongside the clear benefits mentioned above, it also allows for quicker and more versatile working.

Because you and your team can access relevant documents at any time of the day or night from any location, you can work faster, more effectively and with peace of mind that everything is safely recorded.

ISO Accreditation Icon Is ProScan Document Imaging accredited?

Yes. Our services are accredited to industry benchmark ISO9001:2015, so you can rest assured your data is protected to the highest standard.

Business cloud storage pricing

We know businesses want to keep their outgoings to a minimum. Business cloud storage pricing can vary dramatically depending on your business size and needs.

At ProScan Document Imaging, we offer competitively priced packages for business cloud storage. We take the time to look into what will work best for your business and what steps we need to take to get there.

We would be happy to talk to you about how OwnCloud can benefit your business and the amount of cloud storage you currently require.

Find out more about the OwnCloud service

If you would like to find out more about the OwnCloud service, please call us to talk to one of our experts. We would be happy to discuss your business needs and the price plans we have available.

We are an established, UK-based cloud storage provider trusted by companies, charities and public sector organisations across the country.

Please call us on 023 8063 0050 to find out about our competitively priced bespoke business cloud storage options, or simply fill in our contact form.

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