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Document scanning service UK – create a secure, convenient, and accessible digital archive of your paper files and documents.

Your business or organisation does not need to keep a paper copy of everything. If you are concerned with the amount of space that paper-based documents are taking up within your premises, you should consider contacting ProScan Document Imaging.
We offer document scanning, imaging, and retrieval systems to clients across the UK.

We'll collect the documents or records you wish to have digitised from your offices. Using high-quality Kodak scanning technology and with your project overseen by an experienced scanning manager, we’ll digitise every paper document we collect from you. These documents are just as valid legally as their paper counterparts

We'll then OCR-scan them - our software reads what’s on each document. The benefit of this is that you and your colleagues can then perform text searches for the files you need to retrieve.

Once your documents have been scanned and indexed, we can then either securely dispose of them, store them at our premises, or return them to you.

8 advantages to document scanning

Regular scanning of company documents offers companies, charities, and public sector organisations eight significant benefits.

Document scanning OCR – what is it and what are its benefits?

If you wish, each document we digitise on your behalf will undergo the process of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR reads the contents of any document we scan for you and it embeds those contents in the PDF. You can extract that text to create a separate Word or Excel file, if you wish. You and your colleagues are then able to search through the text of all of the documents we’ve digitised on your behalf so you can find the information you need quickly.

Document scanning and online retrieval of your files

You and your staff can search for and retrieve company documentation online at any time via our cloud storage platform. You can access the information you need at any time on any device as long as there is a Wi-Fi or mobile phone connection available. You may also download your digitised files via Secure FTP. In addition, we’re also able to supply document images on CD, DVD, or USB/memory stick.

No more lost or damaged documents

Our document scanning software captures over 240 of your files as perfect digital images every minute and the process is overseen by a member of staff for quality control. For files kept on our online cloud platform, users benefit from additional protection with the ability to recover deleted files for up to 60 days.

Control over who can search and access documentation

You can control which members of staff have access to which documents by:

  • password protecting downloaded individual file and file batches and
  • for cloud users, restricting which information is available online to which colleague

Better data security

Clients who choose to access their digitised records from our cloud service can do so from secure UK-based datacentres using 2048bit SSL encryption technology. By securely storing your documents in datacentres based in Britain, you’ll also comply with the recently updated UK GDPR legislation.

Audit compliance

With every company and customer document available for immediate retrieval and viewing, you can react quicker to external/internal audit requests and to subject access requests made under GDPR.

More space and time to work

By digitising all important company documentation, new space is created within your premises. More space gives you the opportunity to employ extra staff to either increase revenue or to look after your customers better. Staff also save time with immediate access to the information they need – did you know that it takes 37 minutes on average to find one paper file when it’s not where it should be according to the Association for Information & Image Management?

Environmental credentials

In recent years, awareness of the impact that businesses have on the environment has risen among members of the public and business decision makers. Now, many millennials (including those with corporate purchasing responsibility) choose potential suppliers partly based on their ethical policies. A policy of ongoing document scanning and subsequent responsible disposal of the original paper documents (if you request this) will demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to responsible corporate citizenship.

Quantity Guide

You can use the guidelines below to give us an idea as to how many documents are currently in your archive and then contact us by phone on 02380 630050 or online using our contact form. We'll quickly provide you with a free estimate to scan, index and archive all of your documents onto a USB or a secure Cloud link. The figures shown below represent an average quantity of single sided pages for each storage type.

A standard filing cabinet drawer with hanging files - 2,500 pages

A standard archive box with document folders - 2,000 pages

A standard file transfer box - 600 pages

A document storage bag  - 375 pages

 A typical lever arch file with dividers and wallets - 350 pages

Unbound stapled documents approx 150 pages per inch

The Document Scanning Process

collection Collection

ProScan Document Imaging (or its courier) will carefully pack your documents into archive boxes prior to their transportation to our secure Southampton premises. On arrival, we will book in each box giving it a unique identifying number.

preparation  Preparation

In accordance with the work schedule agreed, we’ll then prepare your documents using barcoding and patch code sheets if needed. At this point, our staff will also unfold sheets and remove staples to ensure the most accurate scanning of your documentation possible.

scanning  Document Scanning

Your documents are then digitised into images using the latest Kodak scanners. Documents are displayed on high definition screens and inspected in real time by our scanning operative for clarity and accuracy.

quality-control  Quality Control

Upon completion of the scanning, a manager then checks that the scanning has been carried out successfully and to the specifications you required.

indexing-filenames  Document Indexing

With all files digitised and stored on our computer network, we then attach any related information to a document or batch of documents. If specified by our clients, documents then undergo the Optical Character Recognition process.

secure-shredding  Secure Shredding

Following successful digitisation and indexing, your documents are then shredded and recycled for which we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction (if required). Alternatively, we can return the documents to you or store them at our premises for a small monthly charge.

Document scanning FAQ

How much do document scanning services cost?

Document scanning service prices vary according to the volume of documentation you require to be digitised as well as the size and the quality of the document papers themselves. If you require OCR, there is a small additional charge. Please contact us for a customized document scanning quote .

Will my organisation need to retain paper documents?

No. The retention of paper documents is not necessary as all work carried out on your behalf by ProScan Document Imaging conforms with British Standard Institute BIP0008. BIP0008 is the recognised standard for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems.
All documentation digitised in accordance with BIP0008 ensures “evidential weight and (the) legal admissibility of information stored electronically”.

Which types of clients do you offer document scanning services to?

Our services are offered to all companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK. We have particular sector expertise in the following:

  • Private healthcare document scanning
  • NHS document scanning
  • Medical document scanning
  • Patient record scanning
  • Aerospace document scanning
  • Emergency services document scanning
  • HR file document scanning
  • Environment Agency document scanning
  • Housing Associations document scanning
  • Insurance document scanning
  • Legal document scanning
  • Local authorities document scanning
  • Manufacturing document scanning
  • Pharmaceutical document scanning

Where can I find document scanning services near me?

ProScan Document Imaging offers out document scanning solutions to companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK. We serve the following areas and more from our Southampton office:

  • Document scanning London
  • Document scanning Manchester
  • Document scanning Edinburgh
  • Document scanning Cardiff
  • Document scanning Leeds
  • Document scanning Leicester
  • Document scanning Kent
  • Document scanning Northern Ireland
  • Document scanning Newcastle
  • Document scanning Essex
  • Document scanning Belfast
  • Document scanning Birmingham
  • Document scanning Halifax
  • Document scanning Glasgow

As long as we can arrange a courier to collect your documentation, we can service you.
We offer a free in-house collection service to businesses based across Hampshire and beyond including Andover, Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Eastleigh, Fareham, Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester.

What types of documents do we scan?

Our document scanning systems and software are capable of outputting clear images which can later be OCRed for the following and more:

  • Bank statement scanning
  • Credit note scanning
  • Customer file scanning
  • Delivery note scanning
  • Engineering drawing scanning
  • Lab book scanning
  • Medical record scanning
  • HR records scanning
  • Planning file scanning
  • Purchase invoice scanning
  • Research file scanning
  • Sales invoice scanning
  • Student record scanning
  • Technical manual scanning
  • Test data scanning

When we’re capturing images of your documentation, our software automatically scans and records the text on each one allowing for easy digital retrieval at any time.

How can I be sure that ProScan Document Imaging will keep my organisation’s information safe?

Since 2006, ProScan Document Imaging have been trusted with the scanning, digitisation, and online archiving of important documentation and paperwork by hundreds of companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK.

We are accredited to ISO9001:2015 standard for the provision of document scanning services and we’re registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Prior to receiving the offer of employment, all of our staff members are thoroughly security-checked. Finally, before we start working with you, we will sign any non-disclosure agreement you require offering you a final layer of protection covering the sensitive and personal data your organisation holds.

Can ProScan Document Imaging’s service form part of my organisation’s disaster recovery/business continuity plans?

Yes. Recent reports indicating the heightened level of cybersecurity attacks against companies, charities, and public sector organisations have highlighted the need for organisations to implement continuity plans. Document scanning and storage should be an integral part of any plan.

Please ask us about ProScan Document Imaging’s OwnCloud service when you contact us. You can transfer your digitised files to our OwnCloud secure platform - OwnCloud is an enterprise class ISO-27001 certified online file sharing and management system allowing you and your colleagues to access important files on the move.

OwnCloud’s servers are located securely with our UK-based data centres and works with Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Is your document scanning service UK GDPR compliant?

Yes. Please contact us for more information on our UK GDPR compliance policy.

Should I just use a document scanning app instead and do it myself?

If you need to scan small numbers of documents occasionally and you don’t need the ability to be able to retrieve those files digitally, you should be able to do it for yourself. You can download apps for document scanning on an iPhone.

However, if you intend to digitise large volumes of paperwork and you & your staff need to be able to search through those documents and retrieve them, it’s far more effective in terms of cost and time to outsource scanning services to a company like ProScan Document Imaging.

By using our services, there will be no requirement for you to plan or invest in either the equipment and software required to launch, manage, and secure your own reliable internal file scanning and retrieval platform. In addition, there will be no need to divert staff away from their normal duties to scan and check each individual document they’ve scanned.

Document scanning prices and quote

ProScan Document Imaging is an established, UK-based document scanning company working with companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK.
To obtain a document scanning cost estimate from us, please call us on 023 8063 0050 or fill in the form below.

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