8 Types of PDF, but what are they?

12th April

Before we get into what the 8 different types of PDF (Portable Document Format) are, lets look at the key factors that make it so popular.Cross-platform Compatibility: PDFs can be viewed on virtually any device and operating syste ...
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Document Retention Periods

12th February

In our blog post today we're going to look at how long we should be retaining documents before they are securely destroyed.In the UK, there are various regulations and guidelines regarding the retention of documents, which can var ...
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January 2024 Press Release

23rd January

Document Options Limited Acquires ProScan Document Imaging, Securing a Strong Future for the ProScan BrandDocument Options Limited, a leading player in the document management industry, has successfully acquired ProScan Document I ...
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From Pages to Pixels: A Guide to Digitising Books

16th November 2023

Bound books encapsulate a wealth of knowledge, but time and wear render their pages fragile. Converting these volumes into Word format preserves their essence while safeguarding against deterioration. This preservation effort exte ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Digitising Records

27th September 2023

Digitising Your Records The first step, if you haven’t done so already, is to scan your paper documents so you have all your records in a digital format. Depending on how many years your company has been active, and the retention ...
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6 Reasons to go Paperless

14th August 2023

Environmental Sustainability: Going paperless enhances environmental sustainability by reducing the demand for paper production. This curbs deforestation and conserves natural resources like water and energy used in manufacturing. ...
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Working From home

15th June 2023

Document scanning can offer numerous advantages to large companies that have employees working from home. Here are some ways document scanning can benefit such companies:Seamless Collaboration: Document scanning allows employees t ...
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Understanding the different types of book scanning

1st June 2023

You may have heard the terms destructive or non-destructive book scanning, but what do they actually mean? In this blog post we'll look at  these two approaches to digitising books or other printed materials. The main difference ...
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Book Scanning and Digital Preservation

27th April 2023

In the modern world, digitalisation has become a vital component of efficient data management. While the world is evolving, so is the way we preserve and manage our precious resources. Proscan Imaging has brought forth revol ...
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Industries that should be scanning documents

19th April 2023

In today's digital age, more and more companies are turning to document scanning services to streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Document scanning services involve the conversion of paper documents into digital fo ...
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