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Confidential and professional document shredding and disposal

ProScan Document Imaging provides secure document destruction and disposal for businesses, charities and public sector organisations across the UK.

If you need confidential or important data shredding, we manage the process from start to finish. We transport your documents in our GPS tracked transport with vetted drivers before transporting it to a secure recycling centre where it is professionally destroyed and recycled.

We are able to shred and dispose of paper documents, computer storage items like CDs, disks and DVDs, as well as microfilm, aperture cards and microfiche. After your documents have been securely shredded, we are able to provide you with a witness of destruction certificate if you require it.

If your business requires efficient, highly secure shredding, please call us on 023 8063 0050 to speak to a member of our expert team or fill in our contact form here .

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The benefits of secure document shredding

Secure document shredding services provide your business with peace of mind. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that private data is kept private. Shred any unwanted documents with our service in the knowledge it is safe, convenient and less harmful to the environment than burning them.

Shredding sensitive documents that you no longer require must be carried out legally. Some shredding companies are not GDPR compliant. Choose a UK based, certified secure shredding company like ProScan Document Imaging so you can be sure you are following current data protection legislation.

Secure disposal of confidential information

Established and legitimate document shredding companies guarantee that your data is protected during transit and whilst being shredded. The waste is then disposed of or recycled appropriately.

With any professional shredding service, you should expect to be presented with an official document stating it has been destroyed. An audit trail will be kept of the documents as well as a serialised certification of destruction. Items will be destroyed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the process is fully GDPR compliant.

Losing valuable data damages your reputation. Make sure you are protecting your business, customers and partners by shredding any unwanted documents safely. From business accounts to client information, shredding unwanted data guarantees the integrity and effectiveness of your company’s data security policies.

Secure shredding machines are time effective

Shredding can be time consuming – especially if you have vast amounts of documentation to dispose of.

Office shredders do not offer the same efficiency or speed as industrial shredders. With an industrial shredder, more documents are destroyed quickly. Industrial shredders are also much better at destroying computer disks, microfilm, apertures and more.

To maximise efficiency, a secure shredding company like ProScan Document Imaging will pick up the documents from your premises to take directly to the shredding facility – in tracked vans by trained and vetted drivers.

Shredding services ensure it is environmentally friendly

By choosing professional shredding service like you are helping the environment. We use recycling facilities which allow your paper to be used again reducing waste and increasing environmental sustainability.

Paper documents which have been shredded are usually taken to paper mills where it is transformed into a wide variety of products like tissues or high-quality card; secure shredding can benefit both your business and the world we live in.

Secure shredding services provide legal documentation

As professional shredding companies provide you with an audit trail of your documents, you can rest assured that the information is now destroyed.

You are able to obtain a serial certification of destruction and all requested materials are completely destroyed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you were to shred secret documents or confidential files yourself, you would not be able to obtain such documentation. This can be important if you need to present proof of destruction in the future.

Using secure shredding services is convenient and cost effective

It is more convenient and often cheaper to use a professional shredding company like ProScan Document Imaging rather than to pay staff to spend hours shredding your documents on machines that may break down under the increased workload.

Professionally managed document shredding can provide you with a complete service, from picking up your documents to shredding, recycling and providing you with certification of destruction.

The cost of not disposing of your documents correctly can be more than just financial. Incorrect or illegal disposal of confidential documents can harm your business irreversibly. Make sure you are following UK legislation by using a certified and secure shredding service.

ProScan Document Imaging’s document shredding services

ProScan Document Imaging offers a fully comprehensive document shredding service that is professionally managed from beginning to end.

Our service includes the collection of your documents, the transportation of them to a secure recycling unit, complete destruction of the data and finally, a certificate of witness of destruction.

We are also environmentally friendly. The shredded paper waste is baled up, taken to a local paper mill to begin its journey into new paper products.

At every stage of your document’s journey, absolute security is our main priority. Our depot is CCTV protected and meets with BS EN 15713 requirements. This means we shred to security level 3 and provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

If you wish to bring the documents directly to us, secure document shredding drop off is available to you. Simply call us beforehand to arrange your visit.

If necessary, you are welcome to visit our Hampshire shredding facilities to ensure our service is to your requirements before arranging to use our services.

Our document shredding service is secure and trustworthy

ProScan Document Imaging is a leading provider of a wide range of document handling services in the UK. We are trusted by companies, charities and public sector organisations across the country to provide high quality document shredding solutions.

Under the 1998 Data Protection Act, the confidential and secure destruction of any data, which could identify a living individual, is a legal requirement. Our service has been designed with this in mind and is suitable for shredding sensitive information. ProScan Document Imaging helps companies wishing to shred confidential documents such as personnel files, pension documentation, and company accounts records.

If you are using our additional document storage services, once the physical document is no longer needed, we are able to offer you full destruction and disposal of this information once the data has been checked and approved to be redundant.

Document shredding UK FAQ

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about secure document shredding.

Are there document shredding services near me?

ProScan Document Imaging offers out document shredding services to companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK including but not limited to:

  • Document shredding London
  • Document shredding Manchester
  • Document shredding Newcastle
  • Document shredding Halifax
  • Document shredding Milton Keynes
  • Document shredding Liverpool
  • Document shredding Perth
  • Document shredding Belfast
  • Document shredding Edinburgh
  • Document shredding Oxford
  • Document shredding Chester
  • Document shredding Cardiff
  • Document shredding Leeds
  • Document shredding Essex


As long as we can arrange a courier to collect the documents you need shredding, we can service you.

We offer a free in-house collection service to businesses based across Hampshire and beyond including Basingstoke, Bournemouth, Eastleigh, Fareham, Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester.

Why should I use a secure shredding company rather than shred it myself?

Valuable time is wasted preparing documents for standard office shredders. Removing paper clips, staples and folders is a lengthy process that you will have to pay staff for. Confidentiality may also be breached by leaving this task to an employee.

Using a secure shredding company like ProScan Document Imaging means you do not have to waste time preparing documents, the shredder is capable of handling large amounts of paper at one time so disposing of these documents will take minutes as opposed to hours.

Because our document shredding service is all-inclusive, we handle the task of removing and recycling the wastepaper away from you too.

Do you offer document shredding on site?

We do not offer document shredding on site; however, our service includes picking up your unwanted data from your premises and taking it directly to our shredding site. Our courier partners’ transport is provided by DBS checked drivers and our vans are fitted with GPS. This means you do not have to worry about the security of your data whilst in transit.

How long does it take for my documents to be destroyed?

We shred and destroy all information and documents within 24 hours of receiving them. They are not stored for long periods of time before being shredded.

Can I have the shredded paper back to use myself?

Unfortunately not. We make sure all wastepaper and debris is taken away to be recycled, during this process it is mixed in with other documents making it impossible to separate.

Do I have to remove staples, bindings and plastic wallets before shredding?

No. Our machines are incredibly strong and you do not need to worry about removing these before shredding – they are all handled by our state-of-the-art shredders.

How do we prepare our documents to be shredded?

Keep your paper documents separate from all CDs, DVDs and other computer paraphernalia to be destroyed. Secure shredding bags can be provided to you on your request.

ISO Accreditation Icon Is ProScan Document Imaging accredited?

Proscan Document Imaging has been certified to ISO9001:2015 standard for quality management systems relating to the provision of document scanning. You can see our certificate to confirm this by clicking here

Document shredding cost

ProScan Document Imaging is pleased to offer individual pricing for your business shredding needs. We only charge you for what you need and we are happy to work out a bespoke shredding and disposal plan to fit with your company requirements.

Once your confidential data is no longer needed, we remove it quickly and conveniently from your premises to allow us to lawfully destroy and dispose of it in a timely and cost-effective way.

We can manage the entire process of scanning confidential documents, and there is no minimum or maximum quota to fill. We price our secure shredding services competitively and offer a fully comprehensive service from start to finish.

As we offer tailor-made shredding plans for each of our customers, please call us to find out which of elements of our services will work best for you.

Get in touch about our document shredding services

ProScan Document Imaging is an established, UK-based document shredding services provider trusted by companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the country.

If you have any questions about our competitive document shredding service, or would like a quote, please call us to speak to a member of our expert team, on 023 8063 0050 or

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