Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanning Services

If you are still using an old microfilm archive and would like to have it scanned then we have the answer for you. Our Microfilm Scanning department has the capacity to scan large batches of microfilm aperture cards, microfiche and 16/35mm roll films at very competitive rates. These images, once indexed can be imported into a document management system or simply converted to PDF files and archived onto CD/DVD.

Microfilming as a means of archiving has now become almost obsolete and there seems no economic sense in investing in new equipment to replace the ageing reader printers that are used in retrieving these images. We offer a full conversion service for all types of microfilm including microfiche, 16/35mm roll film and 35mm aperture cards.

How do we scan Microfilm?

Once we have converted your microfilms to disk they can be treated in much the same way as any other digital image. If you already have a document management system then we can ensure that they are released in a format that enables them to be imported directly into your existing system. If not then we can supply a disk based retrieval system with your images fully indexed to allow fast and easy access direct from the disk.

What Does Microfilm Scanning Cost?

The cost of converting microfilm to disk is dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, whether you have microfiche, aperture cards or rolls of microfilm and secondly are how good the images are on the microfilm. As the quality of microfilmed images can vary greatly we always offer to do a small sample free of charge.

Microfilm Scanning Case Study

You can read more about microfilm scanning in our case study which explains in detail how we scanned approximately 170,000 microfiche for a large pensions providor.

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