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Professionally Managed Document Storage Solutions

Storing records on-site at your own premises takes up valuable and often expensive office space. Off-site self-storage spaces have high rental costs for the size of the space and are inconvenient when it comes to document retrieval and refiling purposes.

Here at ProScan we provide offsite document storage services to businesses for a simple, secure, and inexpensive solution to all of your records storage needs. Our services act as an extension to your business, reducing rather than creating administration.

Online Access for Fast, Easy File Retrieval

Through the customer web portal you can manage all of your items in storage, request files or boxes for next day delivery and set retention periods so that you dont pay for storage longer than is necessary. Returning items to storage is also a simple task, just log in to the web portal, submit your refile request and one of our drivers will collect the file or box, return it to storage and update your inventory.

Secure, Compliant Storage

We are backed up by the largest UK owned records storage company, certified to BS7858:2012 and BS1571:2009 standards. Our storage facilities are protected by CCTV monitoring with access systems in place to prevent unauthorised entry. We also have fire supression systems in place to further protect your assets. Furthermore you can rest assured in the knowledge that all staff are fully vetted and our vehicles have GPS tracking fitted.

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