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document scanning life sciences The UK is at the forefront of the Life Science Industry with a number of world class brands choosing the UK as their centre of operations. With eight of the worlds top universities and a significant number of world class research centres, the UK accounts for more than 10% of the global Life Science research and development funding.

document scanning life sciencesWhilst the UK Life Science industry has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years it now faces the prospect of strong global competition, not just from the developed world but also from some emerging economies that, with lower labour costs are gradually increasing their share of the market. It is essential in these times of increased competition that UK companies become as productive and efficient as possible.

ProScan have been working with some of the largest names in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors helping to improve efficiencies by integrating our document scanning services with their own internal process management systems.

Some of the recent projects we have been involved in include:

  • Scanning of Design History Files to PDF format including the creation of bookmarks and PDF links to allow for swift navigation of large documents.
  • Archiving of Lab Notebooks without the need to remove bindings.
  • Scanning of Global Product Registration files with optical character recognition (OCR) for a full word search capability

Case Study
Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry.

The Challenge

Pall were planning to move into a new purpose built Centre of Excellence for their Life Sciences and Industrial Divisions at Harbourgate, Portsmouth. They had a large amount of documentation stored in filing cabinets in the various departments plus several hundred archive boxes of legacy information. There were also hundreds more boxes stored offsite in a temporary archive. They needed a solution to reduce their storage space, eliminate the need for offsite storage and make the records more accessible in terms of quick and easy retrieval.

The Solution

As an existing supplier to Pall Corporation for document scanning services, ProScan was consulted to help plan the imaging of what would eventually turn out to be approximately 1 million paper records. The format of choice was PDF as it met both the security and accessibility requirements of the company and was compatible with their existing systems. Working with each department in turn every document was scanned and indexed whilst at the same time providing a scan on demand service allowing users constant access to their records whilst they were offsite. The eventual benefits to Pall Corporation were clear, they would have:
  • Faster access to important company information
  • Increased security of sensitive documents
  • Reduced reliance on paper storage, lowering both space requirements and costs
  • Improved flexibility in distributing documents
If you would like to know more about our services and how ProScan can help improve the way your company handles and processes paper documents, call us on 023 8063 0050 or contact us online.
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