Electronic Document Management

ProScan provide document management solutions to companies and organisations looking for alternatives to traditional paper based document filing systems. The result is a much more comprehensive system than our more basic document scanning service, with more detailed indexing, a full word search capability and a structure that is similar to the paper based filing system it has replaced. The result is a document management system that is familiar to your staff but which has all the benefits a digital system has to offer.
digital document storage Once your paper documents have been scanned and imported into the system they can be:
  • emailed anywhere in the world
  • printed or faxed
  • updated or appended
  • comments or notes added
  • electronically stamped
All of our staff are highly experienced and will be able to assist you in making the right choices when it comes to planning your transition to an electronic document management system. For example consideration would be given to retrieval and how the documents will be found. Typically, retrieval involves not only searching for the documents but also looking for specific information within. We can help you to decide how the documents are to be indexed and whether OCR is a worthwhile option.

Often a simple windows folder structure with indexed PDF images will suffice, particularly when you are looking for a solution to replace half a dozen filing cabinets with an electronic solution. We have created many a system like this with no specialist software which makes it ideal for companies wanting the benefits of a document management system but without the cost associated with expensive software systems.

If you already have an electronic document management system in place and are looking for a scanning company to help integrate your paper documents then we can help with that too. Our scanning software can output in formats compatible with many document management systems such as AXXIS (Automated Office Systems), Document Express with DjVu, DocuWare (ALOS), FilePower (Optika), IMR Alchemy, IRIS Docshare, Keyfile, OnBase (Hyland Software) and many others.
For more information on how our document scanning service can integrate with your document management system
please contact us or call 02380 630050.
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