Photocopying / Digital Printing

Affordable, professional digital printing services and photocopying

ProScan Document Imaging offers high-quality digital printing services and photocopying runs at competitive prices.

Our digital printing process is ideal for businesses and professionals requiring consistent, reliable results. We are experienced in producing technical and training manuals, records, reports and presentations, as well as mailshots and promotional flyers and posters. We work with digital printing in large format and any other size you require.

We offer a fully comprehensive service which includes finishing your documents by binding, stapling, hole punching, guillotining and more, if required.

You can rely on ProScan Document Imaging to meet your digital printing deadlines. We have same-day service available and offer delivery, collection and free parking to customers.

We use the highest specification Canon printers and copiers with Canon branded paper to ensure expert-quality, vibrant digital prints and crystal-clear photocopies every time. Both black and white and full colour options are available.

If you need digital printing solutions or photocopying services, simply call our expert team on 023 8063 0050 or contact us online

What is digital printing?

If you have a digital image that you want to transfer to paper, that transfer is done using digital printing technology. This is the process of printing directly from a computer onto a medium such as paper, card or fabric.

Digital printing does not use a printing plate, like offset or traditional printing. It uses digital files like PDFs which are sent directly to the digital printing press to then be reproduced onto the medium of your choice.

Digital printing techniques range from inkjet printers to laser printers which allow fast printing of a digital-based image onto a variety of different surfaces.

Digital printing is accurate and quick to produce

One of the major digital printing advantages is speedy production times. Unlike lithographic printing, plates are not required to be prepared so there is minimal set-up time or cleaning up needed.

Our digital printing is exceptionally accurate. Every single print is exactly the same which is important for professionalism and consistency in output.

Using a professional printing service like ProScan Document Imaging means that your work is produced quickly and to the highest standard. We have the equipment ready and waiting for you so all you have to do is upload your files to our server.

Full colour availability and precise colour matching

We are a digital printing company which uses only the very highest specification inks produced by leading manufacturer Canon. We are therefore able to match your colour requirements precisely with no variation in hues or tone. We work hard to duplicate the correct tone if your document is printed on a different coloured background.

Our photocopying and digital printing services allow us to use the full colour spectrum. Unlike lower quality printers, we can accurately replicate any colours that are on your original document using our digital colour matching technology. Use a professional service to make sure your final prints are vibrant and stand out from the crowd.

Digital printing quality is never compromised at ProScan Document Imaging. There are no limits to your design possibilities as we produce full colour, black and white, and gradient print in absolute accurately.

Digital printing is cost and time effective

Using a professional printing service is usually quicker and cheaper than doing it yourself. Avoid wasting time and energy printing out copies from an office printer that will produce an inferior product.

The cost of digital printing is lower than traditional printing because the process does not use traditional and expensive plates. It is very easy to print multiple copies of the same image as well as to edit an image and to re-print it as required. This is much quicker to do on industry standard equipment which ProScan Document Imaging always uses.

Rather than paying staff to print and finish documents by hand, allow ProScan Document Imaging to help you. Not only can we print your document but we have a wide range of binding finishes to choose from. To perfect your document, we offer:

  • Binding (both comb and wire available)
  • Insertion of tabs and dividers
  • Presentation in lever arch files
  • Accurate stapling and hole punching
  • Precise guillotining

Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods

Incorrect and inaccurate misprints are costly for your company and the environment. Ensure that you are not wasting any ink or paper by outsourcing your photocopying and digital printing to ProScan Document Imaging. We work with you to proof documents electronically which means there is less chance of wastage.

Inkjet digital printing techniques are more environmentally sustainable because they only eject ink to the areas which require coverage. As digital printers do not require specialist cleaning with toxic substances, they are also less harmful to the environment.

Here at ProScan Document Imaging, we carefully monitor the amount of paper and ink we use and any waste we create is recycled by a local paper mill. We are dedicated to the prevention and reduction of waste.

Flexible and versatile print options and sizes

Digital printing technology allows for cheaper and quicker prototyping. ProScan Document Imaging has a large range of media choices and our printers work on many materials – like darker or metallic coloured backgrounds.

There are many more options available to you with digital printing and it is quicker and safer to test them out with us than on conventional printers. We also have an expert team of staff who have many years of printing knowledge and who can help you make informed decisions.

If you require a short run of prints or a limited number of photocopies, ProScan Document Imaging can quickly complete your order as our technology is set up to work with any number of prints required – no matter how big or small.

We can also scan and copy documents up to A0 in width and virtually any length which is not possible on most standard office photocopiers or scanners.

Digital printing UK FAQ

We aim to offer the best digital printing and photocopying service in the UK in terms of value for money, production time, and quality. ProScan Document Imaging has over 14 years-experience in printing and copying services and we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

Digital printing near me

ProScan Document Imaging offers out photocopying and digital printing to companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the UK including but not limited to:

  • Digital printing Eastleigh
  • Digital printing Fareham
  • Digital printing Hampshire
  • Digital printing Portsmouth
  • Digital printing Southampton
  • Digital printing Winchester

Wherever you’re based in the country, we can send your digital prints and photocopies to you safely and securely by a trusted courier service.

What if the information I need printing is confidential?

All of our staff are DBS checked, trained and security screened so you can be sure your information is stored and handled with great care. We are experienced at dealing with sensitive information and we sign non-disclosure agreements if required.

Do you have a minimum order amount for photocopying or printing?

Not at all. We are happy to help you with any amount of photocopying or printing requirements however we do have a minimum charge of £10 for card payments and £35 for credit accounts.

What kind of documents can you create?

We are able to print a range of documents. We print single sheet documents, booklets, magazine style pieces and much more. Digital printing books is available but please note we currently only offer binding by comb or wire. Please call us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our best to assist you.

What kind of paper do you print on?

Here at ProScan Digital Imaging, we use Canon branded paper. We have a wide range of weights, colours and finishes available, including standard, matte and satin. You are welcome to visit us to sample the media we use and discuss what might be best for your printing projects.

Digital printing quotes and costings

ProScan Document Imaging offers competitively priced photocopying runs and digital printing. Our fully trained team work closely with your company to ensure your documents are presented accurately and to your specific requests.

If we fail to meet your specification for whatever reason, please tell us and we will resolve the problem and re-print the documents as required.

We have a wide range of digital printing options which offer excellent value for money and, if required, we organise to collect any original documents from you and deliver your final product to your chosen site.

Get in touch about our plan printing and copying services

ProScan Document Imaging is a well-established, Southampton-based digital printing and photocopying services provider trusted by companies, charities, and public sector organisations across the South of England.
To discuss our plan printing and copying options and costing, please call us on 02380 630050 to get a quote or Contact us online

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