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Financial Services companies often have large archives of documents and/or microfilms which, due to their nature must be retained for lengthy periods of time. The problem is however that people expect instant access to such records and that just isn't possible with an aging paper or microfilm based archive.

ProScan have completed a number of large back scanning projects for organisations in the financial services sector, consisting of both documents and microfilm scanning and with the whole service tailored around the individual requirements of each company. If you feel that your organisation would benefit from our services then please call us on 02380 630050 or contact us online with details of your upcoming projects.

Case Study
Old Mutual Wealth, Southampton, UK

Established in 2006 ProScan have become one the most respected document management and scanning companies in the south of England. ProScan combines its wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector to provide a comprehensive and highly secure scanning service to companies across the UK.

The Challenge

Old Mutual Wealth (OMW) had a large archive of microfiche containing thousands of Life and Pension policies which still required regular access, as queries arose relating to the policies on a daily basis. The sheer size of the archive meant that retrieving and scanning these microfiche on demand was a very time consuming process. Furthermore, being the only copies of these valuable documents there was no backup to protect against loss. It was decided that the large scale digitisation of the microfiche was the best way forward.

A number of specialist scanning companies were invited to quote for the contract with consideration given to price, technical capacity and experience.

The Solution

ProScan Document Imaging Ltd was tasked with providing the solution which would involve the large scale digitisation of approximately 170,000 microfiche. Not only did this involve electronically imaging some 10 million pages, but also each file was indexed with the policy number and name of the member which was then cross referenced against a list provided by OMW. This painstaking methodical approach ensured that every single microfiche scanned could easily be retrieved simply by searching for the policy number.

The Result

Once all of the microfiche had been scanned and indexed, they were archived onto DVD before being transported on a weekly basis to OMW’s imaging department where they were imported into an existing document management system.
scanning microfiche"We have been working with ProScan to convert all our old Microfiche (100k +) into image files ready for us to upload onto our image system, ProScan have been great to work with throughout the project, their customer service has been fantastic , they are really passionate that they do a great job for us. We have been very impressed with the quality of images produced, as microfiche is quite an old format they have not always been the best quality to start with! A first-class friendly and professional service – thank you!"

Claire Adams
Old Mutual Wealth
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